Accessibility Statement

Old Dovorian Club Acceptable Use Policies

Please read these Acceptable Use Policies (“AUPs”)

By using our services, you agree to comply with these Acceptable Use Policies, and we may terminate your acess if you fail to comply with these guidelines. These AUPs are common sense guidelines for use of the Internet and are designed to allow all users to enjoy use of it.

Specific questions about our AUPs should be directed to:


The following policy is intended to be a guideline to the Old Dovorian Club’s stance against violations of the accepted norms of the Internet community and is not intended to be exhaustive. We reserve the right at all times to protect our reputation and goodwill.

Email and Newsgroups

1. The OD must not use the OD Club’s service for any of the following purposes:
a. Initiating or propagating ‘chain’ email or ‘pyramid’ emails.
b. Sending bulk or unsolicited emails.
c. Using their OD entry space as a mail-collector for responses for any of the above.
d. Sending any other email that may reasonably be considered spam mail.
2. The OD must not email a person after they have specifically requested that you do not mail them. This applies to any automated mail system you employ.
3. The OD must not send email or post articles with headers modified in such a way as to disguise the true source of such mail or article. It is the OD’s responsibility to ensure that a real email address is
present and obvious to a human.
4. The OD must not post articles of a commercial nature to groups that are inappropriate to the subject of the article. This covers ‘spamming’.
5. The OD must not use the service to post articles that contravene the charter of the group to which the posts are made. This includes binary attachments being posted to non-binary newsgroups.
6. The OD must ensure that his or her equipment cannot be used to relay mail for a third party. Failure to comply may result in suspension of service without prior notice.


7. The OD must not use their web space for the purpose of obtaining unauthorised access to any computer or service.
8. The OD is responsible at all times for the use of his/her own space.
9. The OD Club reserves the right to remove any Usenet articles that might be held to be defamatory, at its sole discretion.
10. ODs registering for space on the OD website must note that this implies single concurrent usage and must not, via tunnelling, use of proxies or by any other means, attempt to avoid the service restrictions imposed.


11. Following a breach of the AUP, the OD Club will take any action it considers to be appropriate up to and including closure of the OD’s facility without notice. All breaches will be reviewed on a case-by-case
12. Following suspension of an OD’s facility, the OD must send a letter to the OD Club undertaking not to breach this Policy on a subsequent occasion before the facility can be reinstated.
13. The OD Club does not allow credits or refunds for any outages resulting from a suspension or deletion of an entry under this policy.
14. The OD Club reserves the right to modify or amend this Policy at any time. Any breaches of this Policy should be reported to and the entire posting should be forwarded.

Although it is not always possible to respond to each abuse report, all complaints will be investigated thoroughly.